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Central Monitoring program



  1.   ◇  Powerful work platform: adopt Windows XP System and extendible dual LCD display.
  2.   ◇  monitor up to ten bedside monitors and four video images simultaneously, freely adjust the window position, length&width, waveform leads of the bedside monitor to achieve the best monitoring effect.
  3.   ◇  Perfect monitoring function: receive all the waveform and parameter from the bedside monitor. Real time display, synchronous alarm.Waveform switch and data analysis are independent of the bedside monitor, neither affected by nor affect the bedside monitor condition
  4.   ◇  Super-large capacity storage, long-time storage of all case info, including all waveform and parameters. It can be extended freely according to the special needs.
  5.   ◇  An open Multi System Platform can make different types of monitors connected on the same network
  6.   ◇  Optional video system to realize synchronous video acquisition, to provide image data for case analysis.


Multi-windows display with synchronized video images             EEG Tendency Graphic setting